Bookkeeping the way it should be.

Bookkeeping the way it should be. 


The most stress-free bookkeeping EVER.


Let us transform bookkeeping from a necessary evil into your best business asset. Our full-service bookkeeping will help you make sense of your finances—you'll know how, where, and with whom your money is being earned and spent. And in addition to having confidence in your books, you’ll have more time to spend on what matters most to you and your business.

Save Time & Reduce Stress

No matter how much time you spend on your bookkeeping, it eats up time for your customers or other important projects. And unless you have an accounting background, it’s really stressful to keep up with the rules. Let go of the fear of mistakes and relax knowing our experienced team is taking care of your books.

Say Goodbye to Data Entry

We know. Data entry is boring. But there's good news! We'll take care of it so you don't have to. No more number crunching and no more reconciliation headaches. Plus, everything is done digitally, so you can review any information you need with just a few clicks. 

Earn More Money

It’s simple—great bookkeeping helps you earn more money. We’ll track your expenses for a bigger tax refund, create sales and trend reports for smarter cash flow management, and improve payment collections. With our system, one of our clients increased monthly collections by 300%.





How it works

We’ll schedule a call and have you up and running in 30 minutes. Using a combination of QuickBooks Online, Receipt Bank, and Hubdoc, we’ll set up your personalized bookkeeping platform and take on the day-to-day management of your books.


Daily Bookkeeping

Your personal team of bookkeeping experts will keep your bank balances current, track expenses, reconcile accounts, and manage accounts payable and receivable. We can also set up automatic bill pay, invoicing and collections, and handle payroll.


Digital Documentation

We make partnering with us easy. With our system, you'll never have to worry about tracking down and sending bank statements again. And our digital receipt capture app makes expense tracking and tax deductions a whole lot smoother.


Data You Can Use

Your finances are the window into your business's health. Monthly financial statements and expense overviews keep you informed and ready to act on new opportunities to grow your business. We can also provide customized snapshots to keep the information you need most at your fingertips.

What I really like about Digit Keeper is they have the answers. No more “I don’t know, I have to look it up.” I don’t have time to wait two weeks for answers to my financial questions, and they deliver every time.
— Craig Herkimer, Founder & CEO, Kevaworks

Our Founders


Hugh Pendleton - Founder & President 

For Hugh, Digit Keeper exists to do one thing: help business owners succeed. While his passion is finance, he knows that's not the case for most entrepreneurs. He also knows that great bookkeeping ensures a healthy, thriving business. So, he combined those two simple facts to bring Digit Keeper to life.


Jessica Myers - CEO

When Jessica entered the scene two years ago, she thought we weren't dreaming big enough. She's been pushing our limits and helping us grow faster ever since. An anthropologist by training, she thinks of bookkeeping as the window into a business's soul. And she wants to help you air yours out and give it some bright, healthy sunshine and social interaction.

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