We're a family. Literally—our founders are all related. It started with Hugh (the dad), then Jessica (the daughter), then Erin (the other daughter), and then Tyler (the son). We came together to create more than an accounting service. We've created a better way to do business, and it starts with clear, strong financial management.



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Hugh Pendleton, Founder & President

Hugh earned his degree in Business and Accountancy from USC and has been a Certified Public Accountant for 35 years. Before starting an independent practice, he worked for and trained under leading accountants at Price Waterhouse Coopers and served as CFO at Western United Insurance, including leading them through mezzanine-level financing and their eventual acquisition by Allstate.

What started as an idea to help his tax clients with their bookkeeping grew into a full-fledged digital accounting service when he brought the plan to his kids and they joined the team. He is our idea man, tax expert, and accounting guru. While not every employee is one of his kids, we all call him "Pop" and look to him for guidance and support. He provides the best tax, financial, and "Dad" advice around.

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Jessica Myers, CEO

When Jessica entered the scene two years ago, she thought we weren't dreaming big enough. She's been pushing our limits and helping us grow faster ever since.  She is our QuickBooks systems and integrations expert, and has helped all of our clients figure out how to make their QuickBooks accounts serve their actual needs instead of struggling with out-of-the-box functionality.

An anthropologist by training, she thinks of accounting as the window into a business's soul. And she wants to help you air yours out and give it some bright, healthy sunshine and social interaction.

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Erin Acevedo, CMO

Erin is Digit Keeper’s resident word wizard and Chief Marketing Officer. Forever a bookworm, she earned her BA and MA in English Literature from UCLA and Columbia University before entering the tech consulting space as a marketer.

She has run global campaigns, put speakers onstage at Dreamforce and TED, and successfully managed and launched a book for her former boss and CEO of Bluewolf, an IBM Company, Eric Berridge. Now, she focuses on boosting Digit Keeper's presence and creating content to help business owners master their finances.


Tyler Pendleton, CTO

If there's one thing Tyler knows how to do, it's teach himself new things. It started when he taught himself how to play guitar at age 11 and he developed his coding chops via self-directed online classes and workshops. We convinced him to leave his senior dev position at a NYC design agency to join the family venture and he's been innovating and keeping our tech running smoothly ever since.